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Admission Requirements


  • Students must meet the following admission requirements:

    • Be 16 years of age. (Assisted Living Facilities can only hire 18 year olds but 16 year olds can work as Assistant Caregivers if your facility policy allows for this)

    • Possess the inherent qualifications, skills, and knowledge required for an assisted living caregiver.

    • Shall be in the process of obtaining a valid fingerprint clearance cards that are issued pursuant to title 41, chapter 12, and article 3.1 of the Arizona Revised Statutes. (you man purchase the fingerprint package and we will help you obtain the Finger Print Clearance Card)

    • Have a copy of a valid food-handler’s card. (You may also purchase access to this program from us or go online and do it yourself)

  • Applicants shall be notified of these admission requirements prior to enrolling in the training program.

  • This notification shall be documented in the student record.